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1352 yachts

Skill Level
Intermediate and Advanced
Prevailing Wind
3-5 Beaufort
Prevailing Wind Direction
Prevailing Sea State
Smooth to Moderate
Skippers License
Standard required
April to October

Information about Italy

Italy is a suitable sailing destination for Intermediate and Advanced crews and skippers. The prevailing wind is from North-West, blowing from 3 to 5 Beaufort. The season starts in April and lasts until October. It has 8 sailing areas. The most popular of them are Ionian, Istria / Kvarner, and Sardinia / Corsica. You can find over 1339 boats and yachts offered by 218 charter ports and over 156 charter companies in Italy. The ports from which most boats are rented are Marina Portorosa, Capo d'Orlando Marina and Marina di Portisco.  Choosing a yacht charter in Italy provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the inspiring Italian culture and explore the many picturesque towns. 

Italy's coastline, especially the charming Italian Riviera in the west, offers a host of beautiful beaches and coves that are perfect for dropping anchor. Italy's islands, located mainly off the continent's west coast, have their own unique character. The favorable climate and minimal tidal influence make for excellent sailing conditions, with many fascinating sailing routes. Italy has a rich tradition of boat building and sailing, resulting in a high density of marinas and excellent infrastructure, particularly in the northern charter regions stretching south to Rome.


For bareboat charter in Italy, you will need a Standard license. Suppose you don't have an appropriate sailing license. In that case, you can book a boat that doesn't need a skipper or a yacht with a professional skipper. You can also find a tour, cabin, or crewed charter.

Which areas in Italy are considered the best for yacht chartering? 

The main regions for yacht chartering in Italy are concentrated along the continent's west coast, including Liguria, Tuscany, Elba, the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Sardinia and Sicily. However, the Adriatic coast in the east does not offer the same level of appeal to sailing enthusiasts. However, possible charter bases in this region include Polignano a Mare near Bari, the area around Gargano National Park and the Venetian Lagoon, where you can sail past the world-famous Old Town and its stunning architectural wonders.

Which weather conditions should you consider for your bareboat charter in Italy?

Italian waters lack remarkable tidal fluctuations. Northwesterly winds prevail in summer, and afternoon sea breezes usually temper the heat. Italy's prolonged dry and hot summers create idyllic sailing weather conditions.

What is the cost of a yacht charter in Italy and what types of charter options are available? 

The average price for a yacht charter in Italy is approximately 3100 euros per week, with smaller 10 metre sailboats available for around 1600 euros. The price depends on factors such as the size, model, and equipment of the charter vessel. In Italy, it is customary to consider chartering a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) for a casual excursion on the water. For longer yacht charter holidays, you can choose between bareboat and skippered charters, with sailing yachts, motorboats and catamarans available as options. In addition, fully crewed luxury yacht charters are prevalent, dedicated to meeting your individual needs. Flotilla holidays, where a group of boats sail together, are a popular way to explore Italian waters. Finally, day charters give you the opportunity to experience life on board and determine if it suits your preferences.


What options are available for renting a sailing yacht or motorboat in Italy? 

You need a skipper's license and proof of sufficient sailing experience to charter a yacht in Italy. There are numerous highly professional charter service providers specializing in offering bareboat yacht charters in Italy. With great vessels to choose from, you can use our yacht search to compare the best deals available. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information on the range of yacht charters available.