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The Ultimate Guide to choosing your first yacht charter destination

Choosing your first yacht charter destination is an exciting decision that depends on several factors to ensure a memorable and delightful experience. The team of Yasido.com prepared the ultimate guide to provide valuable insights[...]
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Yachting and Boating Glossary of Terms - Basic yachting terminology

The team of Yasido.com has carefully prepared and systematized for you a glossary with specialized terms used in the world of sailing and maritime activities to help you understand common nautical terminology.    Abeam:[...]
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What is the most environmentally friendly boat?

The environmental friendliness of a boat depends on various factors, including its design, fuel source, construction materials, and how it's operated and maintained. Sailing yachts are designed and utilized in an eco-friendly manner[...]
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What to pack for your yacht holiday?

You are fortunate enough to go on a sailing holiday with your family and friends - the yacht and destination are already chosen, and all you need now is to pack your bags! Regardless of how much storage space you have onboard, make sure that you[...]
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How hard is it to learn to sail a catamaran?

Have you ever wanted to rent a catamaran for your sailing holiday, but you're just afraid of chartering it by yourself on your own for the first time? The team of Yasido.com created this comprehensive guide with fundamentals on how to be[...]
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