What comes to mind when you think of a sailing holiday - a gentle breeze, crystal-clear turquoise water, and the warm colors of the sunset, while you enjoy a glass of wine and a good book… But the vacation on a charter yacht or a catamaran can perfectly combine with various sports, leisure, and tourism activities such as diving, fishing, yoga, pilates, hiking, painting, and many more! Thematic sailing weeks are gaining popularity among lovers of alternative holidays. That's why the team of Yasido.com has created a comprehensive list of alternative sailing vacations that should be on everyone's travel bucket list!


So whether you’re an adventurous soul looking to snorkel or dive, an art enthusiast, an adrenaline fan keen on experiencing a new challenge, or a party animal who wants to dance all night long, there always be a sailing holiday tailored to your needs!


How about sailing each day to a new port means visiting a new winery? Suppose you decide to book a charter holiday for wine lovers. In that case, your sailing itinerary is to include tours and wine tastings in emblematic wineries, unforgettable cultural experiences, and traditional dining in mouth-watering restaurants. To spice up your vacation, try to visit a lavender distillery, olive oil tasting, or a why not a cooking class?



If you want to explore beneath the waves: the tropical marine life with different species of beautiful coral reef fishes and even discover a sunken ship or an incredible cave - book your dream boat, grab the snorkeling or diving gear, and dive in! With up to 80% of all life on earth located in the seas, there’s no doubt that sailing and diving make a perfect match!



Another relaxing (yet surprisingly challenging) sport quickly gaining popularity is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Modern standup paddleboarding began in the 1940s in Waikiki. It is very easy to learn, fun, and the majority of the charter yachts and catamarans have SUP(s) on board. You can always rent in advance to assure that you are making your sailing vacation even more special!



Do you simply want to switch off and reconnect, relax, and recharge, for yourself and your well-being while on your charter vacation? Do you want to admire the silence and the freedom of the sea, the beauty of nature, the joy of yoga, and sharing with new people? In that case, you can combine a yoga retreat and a sailing holiday - a match made in heaven! Surrounded by the sea you will be one step closer to a balanced body and mind, harmony, and inner peace.



Are you the type of person who can't just sit idle? Do you want every day to be a new challenge, a new peak to conquer, a new personal record to achieve? In 1996, the Italian Andrea di Bari arrived on the Greek island Kalimnos for his summer holidays. Impressed by the excellent climbing potential of the island, he returned in May 1997 to put up some routes. Since then, many willing climbers and bolters have created a true climber paradise, establishing more than 4.000 climbing routes on the islands of Kalymnos and Telendos. So why not a “vertical” sailing itinerary?



And last but not least - what about renting a boat to the best surf spots? Tailor-made private surf yacht charters are gaining popularity - a skippered charter is a guaranteed way to have the surf trip of a lifetime. Several Greek islands (for example Kos) are great spots to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing due to the “Meltemi” winds. Kitesurfing enthusiasts also recommend Tenerife (Canary Islands), Tarifa (Spain), Cascais (Portugal),  Leucate and Lacanau (France), Alacati, and Akyaka (Turkey).