Pets are part of the family, but how does it work out when you take them sailing?

Here is everything you need to know if you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend behind and make sure that your sailing trip is to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family - human and otherwise.

  • Before booking a sailboat for your sailing holiday, inform the charter company and ask whether they welcome animals on board, and be prepared for certain extra costs. Be sure to check ahead if the desired marinas welcome dogs before you get there and limit the anchorage to the wild.


  • Travel regulations for furry crewmates vary from country to country so make sure to check the required documentation in your chosen travel destination. You can always make an inquiry at the local authorities for this information. In Europe, for example, a pet passport is or an official veterinary certificate a must. In Croatia, the dog must be microchipped, have a European passport, and have a valid rabies vaccination confirmed in the passport (including the duration of the vaccination). So, take care to keep your pet’s vaccination record up to date and check ahead if you think your pet might need additional vaccines.  


  • First things first. Think ahead on how to protect your pet from overheating and dehydration. Most pets adapt well to life at sea, however, every pet is different and not all will immediately harmonize to live on board.  Ensure that your furry crewmate has always easy access to fresh water and a place to rest and cool down. Also, assure to protect them from UV with hypo-allergenic sunblock. And last but not least – prepare plenty of food and snacks, a basic pet first-aid kit, and why not even your dog's favorite blanket and toys.