Sailing makes a great team. A great team makes a great company.


Sailing requires sufficient communication, good planning skills, out-of-the-box thinking, and attention to detail. Businesses often have to change tack to get to their destinations - sometimes the shortest course is not a straight line. When you change tacks, you need to be smooth, decisive, and coordinated, or you lose forward momentum and give your competitors an advantage. Sailing very much simulates the dynamic work environment - to be successful, you must adapt fast and embrace change. The parallels between yachting, crisis management, and business go on and on and that is why sailing is certainly one of the best team-building activities ever!


What comes to mind when you think of a sailing holiday - a gentle breeze, crystal-clear turquoise water, and the warm colors of the sunset, while you enjoy a glass of wine and a good book… For a more unusual experience, the team of has prepared for you, your colleagues, or employees some fun sailing team-building ideas for a stronger team spirit and solid workplace relationships. 



Team building sailing days are not only a great way to improve communication and enhance emotional intelligence but promise an extraordinary level of fun! A vacation on a charter yacht or a catamaran can perfectly combine with various watersports and leisure activities such as diving, fishing, yoga, pilates, hiking, painting, and many more!


Building a team's identity is not an easy task. Ahead of your sailing team-building vacation, you can accomplish a great task focused on creativity and cooperation, namely - each team/crew has to create their own logo and a sailing flag! Now that the teams have developed their emblem, it is time to apply it to a t-shirt and cap and the adventure can begin!


Thematic sailing weeks are gaining popularity for corporate team-building events. Especially suitable for a flotilla of two or more boats is a treasure hunt week. Decide where you will hide the treasure, give the crews some old-fashioned maps and the first clue and let them explore every island on your sailing route. It is to be a memorable adventure with some amazing views! Or why not set sail to track down clues in a quest to solve a pirate code? Just use your imagination!



A relaxing (yet surprisingly challenging) sport quickly gaining popularity is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Modern standup paddleboarding began in the 1940s in Waikiki. It is effortless to learn, fun, and the majority of the charter yachts and catamarans have SUP(s) on board. You can always rent in advance to assure that there are to be enough SUPs for the whole group. Ask the skipper to choose a calm anchorage, divide your crew into teams and organize an entertaining competition in which balance and coordination are essential!