Just you, the crew, the yacht, and the open sea - but which sea to explore? The azure turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the stunning white beaches of Greece, the unspoiled nature of the Canary Islands, or the 8,300 kilometers of picturesque coastline of Turkey - from Galápagos to the Mediterranean - there are hundreds of unique places and little-known territories to explore and to charter a yacht! Yasido.com is to help you choose from the best places to charter a yacht around the world and what makes these destinations so unique!


When it comes to choosing a suitable destination for your sailing vacation, you definitely have to check the conditions in the area - cruising conditions of mild temperatures and calm waters, steady winds, average temperatures, avoiding areas and seasons of storms, and last but not least - crowds.


  • The Caribbean: December - April
  • The Mediterranean: April - October
  • South Pacific: May - October
  • Australia: May - October 
  • Seychelles: February to April
  • Norway: June - August


Greece -  Crystal-clear sea, breathtaking beaches, and more than 3,000 islands and islets (227 of which are inhabited) to explore. Sailing is the best way to experience the stunning Greek islands, find hidden spots for snorkeling and diving, or simply enjoy Greek culinary mastery. There are several island groups to choose from - the Cyclades, the Sporades, the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese, the Saronic Islands, and the North Aegean Islands.



With 2,000 kilometers of coastline and over 1200 islands, from Istria on the north to Dubrovnik on the south - Croatia welcomes you to prepare your own island-hopping itinerary! With your rental yacht, you can steer to the canal dividing islands Hvar and Korčula and drop the anchor in one of its beautiful bays, or head to the capes Pelegrin and Kabal to Vrboska often called “the Venice of Hvar”.


The list of reasons why people love Italy is endless: the exquisite food, the divine wines, the architecture, the landscapes, the beaches, the artworks… but Italy has also dozens of picturesque islands to explore with a charter yacht! There are four sailing areas: Tuscany, the Bay of Naples, Sardinia, and Sicily.



Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a colorful gateway that has a unique blend of both worlds. The great blue Bosphorus strait with its magical views of Istanbul, the Sea of Marmara, Bodrum, Antalya, or Marmaris - the Turkish coastline has plenty of interesting places to visit, islands offering stunning scenery, diving, and kiting spots, and the unique opportunity to meet some of the most hospitable people on the planet.



The Caribbean with more than 7,000 islands to choose from - popular places for honeymooners, family-friendly resorts, amazing flora, and wildlife - and the Caribbean Sea is a tropical paradise destination. The top sailing destinations in the Caribbean area are Belize, the Cayman Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadine Islands, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Antigua, and last but not least the astonishing islands of San Blas in Panama.


And how about renting a yacht in Asia? The world’s largest continent has 62,800 kilometers of coastline! The unbelievably stunning scenery of the Maldives, the exquisite coral reefs of Thailand, the hidden lagoons of Indonesia, and the Philippines - Asia has a lot of picture-perfect sailing areas and turquoise waters filled with colorful marine life!



Experts in the sailing charter industry also recommend Seychelles as one of the world's prime cruising destinations because of its magnificent topography of coral reefs, exquisite marine life, and nature reserves. Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Yacht rental in Seychelles is perfect for holidays: from honeymoons to island hopping trips or jungle and coastal hikes.


Another exotic destination we recommend is in the mystical South Pacific namely - idyllic French Polynesia with its sheltered anchorages and breathtaking scenery. Did you know that Tahiti and the surrounding islands are a large sailing area with the size of continental Europe?


Norway is on the bucket list of every adventurous sailor with its 1000 nm breathtaking coastline and the imposing scenery of the Norwegian Fjords. From the Lofoten islands - an archipelago located north of the Arctic Circle and Vesterålen, Bodø, and Tromsø in the north - Noway is full of hidden gems and is surrounded by about 150,000 islands, including Jan Mayen in Greenland and the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.


Bon voyage and enjoy the adventure!