You are fortunate enough to go on a sailing holiday with your family and friends - the yacht and destination are already chosen, and all you need now is to pack your bags! Regardless of how much storage space you have onboard, make sure that you follow the golden rule “Less is more” when you pack the absolutely needed sailing essentials for your vacation.


The catamaran or the yacht you have already booked should be equipped with essentials such as life jackets and/or inflatable lifesaving devices/vests, binoculars, snorkeling gear, towels, bed linen, kitchen utensils, and further basic supplies.



What you should definitely remember are the sunglasses. Make sure you bring good quality sunglasses - the sun reflects off the water's surface and will irritate your eyes. Polarized lenses reduce the reflections, allowing you to spot rocks, reefs, and any potential hazards easily. It is a good idea to wear the sunglasses with a string around your neck so that you do not lose them in the stronger wind or sudden movement on the yacht. The sun-kissed skin and the gentle summer breeze go hand in hand, just like sailing and sunscreen. The high-factor sunblock (50+) and a lip balm, as well as a refreshing and soothing after-sun cream, are also a must.



But the weather will not always be sunny - you may experience all conditions at sea. Above all, yachting clothing has to be functional! Definitely pack a windproof jacket and a hat. The hat will also serve you well in the hot sun. When choosing the clothing for the yacht be sure you are well-equipped for any situation - for superior comfort - layering is always a good idea. Prepare shorts, swimsuits, quick-dry towels, breathable fabric t-shirts, lightweight comfortable clothes, wind, and rainproof jackets, casual dinner outfits, and last but not least - sailing gloves if you are to help the crew.


There is a first aid kit on every charter yacht, powerboat, catamaran, or sailboat. However, if you want the best sailing experience on a charter we advise you to carry your own onboard pharmacy with you (anti-diarrheal medicine, repellent, antiseptics, medicines for cold symptoms, etc). We recommend using anti-seasickness medications that do not cause drowsiness. However, be aware of possible side effects and it is best to consult your doctor and/or your skipper about which medicine to use.


Highly recommended is an external battery/12V power bank or a portable battery charger, as powering electronic devices onboard can be tricky. 


Last but not least - for an unforgettable sailing voyage the team of Yasido would advise you to consider sailing insurance. Depending on the type of your yacht charter - crewed or bareboat, and your role - crew or a skipper - there are plenty of travel insurances with different coverage types.


What NOT to bring


Once again - think small, be convenient, and try to not overpack. We recommend leaving some things at home - watches that are not waterproof, hard suitcases or luggage with wheels, high heels, shoes with dark soles (to avoid making scuff marks), blow dryer.


Welcome on board and happy sailing!