Living aboard a catamaran has become increasingly popular in recent years. Catamarans offer several advantages that make them attractive for people seeking a liveaboard lifestyle. It really depends on individual preferences and needs and last but not least - the budget. However, there are several catamaran manufacturers known for producing high-quality liveaboard catamarans. Value for money is vital, but so is living comfort. 


Lagoon catamarans, a division of the Beneteau Group, are widely recognized for their spaciousness and excellent build quality. They offer a range of models suitable for liveaboard purposes. The Lagoon 380 has been one of the best-selling catamarans in its class due to its comfortable accommodations and overall versatility. It features a balanced design with spacious living areas both inside and outside the boat. This model typically offers four cabins, with two cabins located in each hull. Depending on the layout, there may be two additional berths in the saloon, allowing the boat to comfortably accommodate larger groups. 



The company Leopard Catamarans, part of the Robertson and Caine Group, which is based in South Africa, has been building boats for over 25 years. Leopard catamarans are popular among sailors who seek a balance between performance, and living comfort. Some of the popular models include Leopard 42, Leopard 45, Leopard 50, Leopard 53, and Leopard 58. A curious fact: Leopard Catamarans have an alternative to private ownership - charter ownership programs, allowing individuals to own a catamaran while also participating in charter programs that can help offset some of the costs.


Fountain Pajot has a wide range of sailing and motor catamarans as they are some of the most luxurious on the market both in terms of performance and liveability. Fountaine Pajot catamarans are known for their elegant designs, spacious interiors, and respectable sailing performance, making them suitable for long-term live-aboard living.



Nautitech catamarans are appreciated for their modern design, performance-oriented features, and pleasant living spaces. Nautitech 44 has a unique center cockpit design which makes it stylish and functional. The successful collaboration between naval architect Marc Lombard and designer Christophe Chedal Anglay resulted in one stunning boat.


The model Manta 42 is a popular cruising catamaran with a reputation for seaworthiness and exceptional comfort for its size. Unlike most catamarans, which are built overseas, the Manta 42 was produced entirely in the United States. The Florida-based company produced these vessels in the 1990s and 2000s, and they proved extremely popular with offshore cruisers, as it was designed for bluewater cruising, meaning it's built to handle long ocean passages. 



Catana Group is a French shipyard that places a strong emphasis on lightweight construction, efficient hull shapes, and advanced rigging. Catana catamarans are renowned for their performance capabilities, sturdy construction, and luxurious interiors, making them appealing to liveaboard enthusiasts. Many Catana models incorporate carbon fiber reinforcement in their construction, which further contributes to the boats' lightweight design.


Outremer is another prominent French shipyard that specializes in the innovative design and lightweight construction of high-performance catamarans known for their fast cruising abilities. Outremer places a strong emphasis on weight reduction which contributes to the catamarans' speed. Furthermore, Outremer offers a degree of customization, allowing owners to select different layouts, finishes, and equipment to suit their preferences and cruising plans.



The liveaboard lifestyle, whether on a catamaran or another type of vessel, has appealed to people seeking adventure, simplicity, and a closer connection to nature. It offers the opportunity to explore new places, experience diverse cultures, and live a more nomadic existence. However, living aboard a catamaran is not without its challenges, including maintenance, logistics, and adapting to a life with limited space and resources. Nonetheless, the allure of living on the water and the freedom of sailing continue to attract many enthusiasts to this thrilling lifestyle.