Using sailing navigation applications can be very useful when chartering a yacht, especially if you are unfamiliar with the sailing area or if you want to explore new destinations. Navigation apps can provide real-time information about the location, depth, and weather conditions, allowing you to navigate more efficiently and avoid potential hazards. With the help of navigation apps, you can stay aware of your surroundings, make informed decisions to avoid potential risks or emergencies, and plan your route in advance, taking into account factors such as currents, tides, and wind patterns, which can save you time and fuel. 


Several excellent apps are available for sailing navigation, each with unique features and benefits. As always - is packed with all the information you need for a relaxing sailing holiday - here are a few of the top options:


Navionics: Navionics (Android & iOS) is a popular navigation app for sailors that offers real-time GPS tracking, weather forecasts, and tidal information. It also includes detailed charts of more than 12,000 lakes, rivers, and coastal areas, making it an excellent choice for inland and coastal sailing.


iNavX: iNavX is another popular app for sailing navigation that offers access to NOAA charts, as well as charts from other sources. It also includes real-time weather data and wind forecasts, making it easy to plan your route and make adjustments as needed.



MarineTraffic: MarineTraffic is a comprehensive app that offers real-time vessel tracking, allowing you to see the location of other boats in your area. It also includes weather data and marine charts, making it an excellent all-in-one solution for sailing navigation. MarineTraffic is designed to be used by both professional mariners and sailing enthusiasts who want to stay informed about vessel movements and shipping activity. The app allows users to search for vessels by name, IMO number, or MMSI number, and track their movements in real-time on a map. Users can also view detailed information about each vessel, including its type, size, destination, and estimated time of arrival. In addition to vessel tracking, MarineTraffic also provides information about ports and waterways worldwide, including weather forecasts, tide information, and nautical charts. The app also includes a feature that allows users to set up alerts for specific vessels or ports, so they can be notified when a vessel enters or leaves a particular area. MarineTraffic is available for iOS and Android devices and has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its comprehensive vessel tracking and information features. Overall, MarineTraffic is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay informed about maritime activity around the world.


Windy: Windy is a weather application that provides sailors with detailed real-time forecasted weather information, including wind speed and direction, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and atmospheric pressure. The app is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, including sailors, kite surfers, paragliders, and hikers, who rely on accurate weather information to plan their activities. It also includes real-time satellite imagery and interactive weather maps, making it easy to visualize weather patterns and make informed decisions about your sailing route.



Anchor Watch is a popular sailing application that helps sailors monitor their boats' position and alerts them if the boat drifts away from its anchor point. The app is designed to provide peace of mind to sailors while they are anchored, allowing them to relax or sleep without worrying about their boat's safety. The app works by using the boat's GPS to establish a virtual boundary around the anchor point. If the boat drifts beyond this boundary, the app triggers an alarm to alert the sailor. The app can also track the boat's position and movement in real-time, providing updates on the boat's location and drift. In addition to the basic anchor watch feature, the app also includes several other useful tools for sailors, including weather forecasts, tide information, and a compass. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and has received positive reviews from sailors around the world. Overall, Anchor Watch is a great tool for sailors who want to ensure the safety of their boats while anchored.


Ultimately, the best app for sailing navigation will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the most important features, such as real-time tracking, weather data, and detailed charts, and choose an app that offers those features in a user-friendly and reliable package.


Navigation apps can save you time by providing quick and easy access to information, such as local weather forecasts, anchorages, marinas, and nearby points of interest. Overall, while sailing navigation applications are not essential for chartering a yacht, they can make your experience safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.