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Yasido.com - Your online yacht search and hire engine

Chartering a boat nowadays is as easy as hiring a car or a vacation rental. If you have ever considered a sailing holiday, you have most likely come across a diversity of boat rental services. When it comes to choosing the best yacht trip for you and your family and friends, there are various options. Let’s look at the significant differences between chartering a bareboat, skippered, and a crewed yacht.

chartering a yacht

Choosing between bareboat, skippered, and crewed yacht charter

If you choose the basic option and decide to go bareboat, you will be skippering the vessel yourself. You will need to prove that you have all the necessary certificates and permits now that the responsibility is to be placed on your shoulders. So if you have the minimum of a Day Skipper Certificate or an International Certificate of Competency, you are to be completely in charge of the itinerary and pace of your sailing holiday.

If you prefer to be accompanied by an experienced pilot to keep you safe, then a skippered yacht charter may be the best option. The professional skipper will take the pressure off and is to guarantee the perfect sail trim for a stress-free experience out at sea for you and your crew.

If you simply want to relax you might consider renting a crewed yacht. This option not only includes a certified skipper who is to choose the best routes to suit your requirements, but also an assigned crew to take care of the daily yacht maintenance. For an even more luxurious experience, the crew could include a hostess and/or a cook to prepare the meals during the trip. This is the option that gives you the unique opportunity to personalize your sailing holiday.

There are not only different types of chartering options but also there is a diversity of boats to be chosen from. With Yasido.com you can choose from a large selection of more than 20.000 boats. Yasido.com is a global boat, yacht, and nautical social and booking system that connects sailors with skippers and boat owners worldwide. Our clients can choose between a catamaran, motor boat, sailing yacht, motor yacht, trimaran, motorsailer, or a power catamaran. There are a lot of things to consider when you are about to choose what type of boat is right for you - stability, maneuverability, draft, privacy, personal aesthetic, budget, and sleeping capacity.

Choosing the proper boat to rent for your sailing vacation

For obvious reasons, catamarans tend to be more comfortable to spend time in due to the lining area they offer. Furthermore, when you are on a vacation with young children or elders, or you simply would love to enjoy a beverage on the deck, you might prefer to rent a catamaran, because of the stability they offer.

Catamaran or Monohull - that is the question

However, a stable cruising experience, natural buoyancy, or luxury experience is not always the goal. Without any doubt, monohulls have better seafaring characteristics. In addition, monohulls take less space to moor and are much more maneuverable than a regular catamaran. Undoubtedly sailing is a unique opportunity to see amazing destinations - from well-known spots to quiet anchorages. And last but not least - sailing is assuredly the eco-friendliest way to reach places.