Your stomach could not be any happier than with Greek food! With an age-old tradition, the Mediterranean country is known for having some of the best food in the world! Greek cuisine is not just tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki, or gyros. What Greeks eat is what forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet, a food philosophy synonymous with longevity and good health.

The emblematic blue-and-white houses, the sandy beaches, and the turquoise waters are not the only things that embody the spirit of Greece. Apart from being a delight for the eye, sailing in the Aegean Sea is also a feast for the plate.

Fava with wild mushrooms and truffles, sun-dried octopus, and fine goat cheese with honey, mustard, and berries are just some of the culinary delights of the local cuisine. You can spend soulful evenings in idyllic port towns both onboard оr at an authentic mezédes restaurant, where you will taste traditional appetizers with a glass of ouzo, tsipouro, or local wine.

There are a lot of traditional dishes of the Mediterranean country that you should not miss while traveling through Greece: slow-roast lamb, courgette balls (Kolokithokeftedes), Feta Me Meli, risotto with cuttlefish ink, pumpkin omelet, goat soup, watermelon jam. Tomato fritters or "tomato keftedes" are traditional mezes in Andros, Tinos, Syros, and Santorini

Other must-try meals: wild rabbit, dried fish with skordalia (mashed potatoes and garlic), and stuffed sea urchin, as well as two typical desserts - kataifi and galaktoboureko.

In culinary terms, each island has its own style - Andros, for example, is famous for the local specialty "Frutalia" - an omelet with zucchini blossoms and meat. The region is also characterized by pastries (sweets with cream cheese and rose water) and desserts with almonds and black figs.

Although the Greek salad is the queen of Greek cuisine, it is just one of many. After all, who can resist the juicy red tomatoes, the cool crunchy cucumber, the spicy feta cheese, and the chopped onions, sprinkled with crumbled oregano and plenty of virgin olive oil? From Syros`s parsley salad to Naxos`s potato salad, Paros`s salatouri and Santorini`s tomato salad, to dakos and the Cretan salad with legumes, the traditional cuisine has the best weapons in the arsenal to get you feeling light and full of energy at the same time.