Chartering a boat nowadays is as easy as hiring a car or a vacation rental. Once you have made the choice to spend your holiday on a boat you will need to consider all the different factors to create a truly unforgettable sailing experience tailored to your needs and expectations! 

From the type of the boat to duration, destinations, and activities, planning a yacht charter holiday is a complex process, so we advise you to start planning your vacation in advance. Exploring the chosen destination by sea really means revealing its true secrets. If you're planning to go sailing during the high sailing season, it’s important to charter your boat months in advance to ensure you have the best yacht or catamaran for what you're looking for. 

Yacht Charter

If you choose the primary option and decide to go bareboat, you will be skippering the vessel yourself. You will need to prove that you have all the necessary certificates now that the responsibility is to be placed on your shoulders. So if you have a Day Skipper Certificate or an International Certificate of Competency, you are to be completely in charge of the itinerary and pace of your yacht holiday.

If you prefer to be accompanied by an experienced pilot to keep you safe, then a skippered yacht charter may be the best option. The professional skipper will take the pressure off and is to guarantee the perfect sail trim for a stress-free experience out at sea for you and your crew.

Catamaran for rent

With a huge variety of eye-catching charter yachts available on, you will need to carefully consider what type of charter you are looking for and also the activities you intend to experience whilst you are on board. There are a lot of things to think about when you are about to choose what type of boat is right for you - stability, maneuverability, draft, privacy, personal aesthetic, budget, and sleeping capacity.

For obvious reasons, catamarans tend to be more comfortable to spend time in due to the lining area they offer. Furthermore, when you are on a vacation with young children or elders, or you simply would love to enjoy a beverage on the deck, you might prefer to rent a catamaran, because of the stability they offer. However, a stable cruising experience, natural buoyancy, or luxury experience is not always the goal. Without any doubt, monohulls have better seafaring characteristics. In addition, monohulls take less space to moor in crowded marinas and are much more maneuverable than a regular catamaran.

Now that you have chosen the destination, the duration, and the boat for your yacht holiday, you only need to pack your bags! Regardless of how much storage space you have onboard, make sure that you follow the golden rule “Less is more” when you pack the absolutely needed sailing essentials for your vacation. The catamaran or the yacht you have already booked should have basic equipment on board such as life jackets and/or inflatable lifesaving devices/vests, binoculars, snorkeling gear, towels, bed linen, kitchen utensils, and further basic supplies. Think small, be convenient, and try to not overpack - and you can always check our essential packing guide.

And now another important job - sailboat provisioning. As always - is packed with all the information you need for a relaxing sailing holiday - such as the article “Provisioning and cooking on a sailing trip”. Keep in mind that appetites generally increase while sailing. Galley supplies are essential: salt, sugar, coffee and tea, basic spices and herbs, tea towel, dish sponge and detergent, and garbage bags. However - overprovisioning is not recommended. We advise you to experience local flavors and ingredients wherever you go - fresh seafood, fruit, and vegetables are definitely a must, as well as freshly baked goods.

Last but not least - for an unforgettable sailing voyage the team of would advise you to consider sailing insurance. Depending on the type of your yacht charter - crewed or bareboat, and your role - crew or a skipper - there are plenty of travel insurances with different coverage types.

Welcome on board and happy sailing!