Embarking on a yacht charter for the first time is an exciting venture into the world of maritime exploration and leisure. Whether you're drawn to the serene beauty of secluded anchorages or the thrill of cruising along the open sea, this beginner's guide is here to steer you through the essentials of yacht chartering, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience.

Choosing the Right Yacht

Before setting sail, consider the type of yacht that suits your preferences and group size. Options range from monohull sailboats to spacious catamarans and luxurious motor yachts. A catamaran can offer stability and more living space for beginners, while a monohull provides a more traditional sailing experience.

Decide on a Charter Type

Chartering a boat nowadays is as easy as hiring a car or a vacation rental. There are two main charter types: bareboat and crewed. Bareboat charters are for those with sailing experience who prefer to captain the yacht themselves. Crewed charters, on the other hand, provide a professional captain and crew, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey without navigation responsibilities.

Selecting Your Destination

Consider the destination carefully, taking into account your sailing experience, preferences, and the type of experience you seek. Coastal destinations with calm waters are ideal for beginners. The azure turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the stunning white beaches of Greece, the unspoiled nature of the Canary Islands, or the 8,300 kilometers of picturesque coastline of Turkey - from Galápagos to the Mediterranean - there are hundreds of unique places and little-known territories to explore and to charter a yacht! Yasido.com is to help you choose from the best places to charter a yacht around the world and what makes these destinations so unique!

Understanding Charter Contracts

Review the charter contract thoroughly before signing. Pay attention to terms and conditions, cancellation policies, and any additional costs. Ensure you understand the responsibilities outlined for bareboat charters and the services provided in crewed charters.

Check-in and Check-out procedure


The check-in and check-out procedure is an important aspect of chartering a yacht because it helps ensure that the yacht is properly maintained and ready for use and that both the yacht owner and the charterer are protected throughout the charter period. During the check-in process, the charterer and the yacht owner or representative inspect the yacht together to ensure that it is in good condition and any pre-existing damages are recorded. During the check-in process, the charterer and the yacht owner or representative will also discuss the use of the yacht and its equipment, as well as any local regulations or restrictions that need to be followed. 


Sailing Certification

If you opt for a bareboat charter, having a recognized sailing certification is required. Organizations like the American Sailing Association (ASA) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offer courses for beginners, covering essential sailing skills and safety protocols. There are various essential yacht qualifications confirming that you are competent to the level required by yacht charter companies worldwide. However, the sailing requirements and licenses often differ from country to country. In the Netherlands for example, you can rent a motorboat without a license as long as the boat has a power of 15hp or less and the boat is no more than 5m in length. According to Croatian law, all skippers onboard must have a valid VHF radio license. But no matter what legislations apply in the territory where you decide to sail - make sure you have the needed yacht handling skills for a safe voyage: you have to be able to steer accurately in an ever-changing environment and you need to know how to raise and lower your sails, heave-to, trim, steer, reef, moor, and anchor.

Weather Considerations

Check the weather conditions for your chosen destination during your charter. Opt for seasons with favorable weather and calm seas, especially if you're new to sailing. Pay attention to any local climate patterns that might affect your journey.

Provisioning and Supplies

If you haven't been sailing before, you'll be surprised at how hungry you can get - whether it is the fresh air or handling the ropes - people tend to be hungrier at sea. Plan for provisions and supplies. Determine if your charter includes a provisioning package or if you need to purchase your groceries. Consider any dietary preferences or restrictions within your group. Due to the very limited space on the boat, you will have to get used to very little storage, very little refrigerated storage, and minimal prep room.

Safety First

Life jackets, also known as personal flotation devices (PFDs), are crucial pieces of safety equipment designed to keep individuals afloat in the water and save lives in emergencies. Whether you're an avid boater, a skipper, or simply planning a yacht charter with family and friends, understanding the importance of life jackets and their proper use is paramount. It is important to us at Yasido.com to еnsurе that our customers are informed about water safety measures, including the use of life jackets. So, we advise you to prioritize safety on your yacht charter and familiarize yourself with the yacht's safety equipment and emergency procedures. Ensure that life jackets and safety gear are in good condition and easily accessible and last but not least - conduct a safety briefing for all members of your party.

Navigational Basics

Learn basic navigational skills, including understanding nautical charts, using navigation instruments, and recognizing navigational markers. Familiarize yourself with the yacht's GPS and practice basic navigation techniques.

Once you've covered the essentials, relax and enjoy the journey. Take in the breathtaking views, explore secluded anchorages, and immerse yourself in the unique experience of yacht chartering. Whether you're hoisting the sails or lounging on the deck, savor every moment of your maritime adventure.

Embarking on a yacht charter as a beginner is a voyage into a world of possibilities. With careful planning, a focus on safety, and a spirit of adventure, you'll discover the joys of sailing and the freedom of exploring the seas at your own pace. Whether you're charting a course for relaxation, exploration, or both, the world of yacht chartering awaits your discovery.

Smooth sailing!